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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hey Naveenkumarkn2003.Chinthakaaya, I forgot to mention...

Dear Naveenkumarkn2003.Chinthakaaya,

Oops!! I forgot to invite you to Just Dial's Lucky Referrer Contest.

The last month's winners have won Samsung-LCD TV, Viao Laptop, Nokia phone and Ipods.

Why don't you give it a shot? It took me just 2 minutes to play.

You could be the next winner. Please click on the link www.justdial.com/contest.

Best of Luck,

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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Lord Venkateshwara Blessings - NaveeeeN

Bharat Fritz Werner Ltd, Bangalore, India



Not everyone is blessed with this gift and if  you do, kindly share it.






Have a  Blessed Day....



Posted in service of Lord Venkateshwara - Tirumala Tirupathi....,.,.,.,., ,.,., 

~ NaVeChinthakaaya ~

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Dear Naveenkumarkn2003.Chinthakaaya, If you can't find in google, try JUSTDIAL.COM

Dear Naveenkumarkn2003.Chinthakaaya,

I strongly recommend this website www.justdial.com. It's a world class local search service & I've always found anything I've ever wanted.

You can find info on any company, product, or service in over 240 cities in India.

You can also call them up 24x7, on phone (69999999), a local call in 240 Indian cities.

Ask for anything, you'll get the info on the phone and/or by SMS within 30 secs, and this service is at no cost!

For a change, it's an original Indian idea and an Indian company with world class servic e, and with a vision to spread all over the world.

Be a proud Indian and forward this to every Indian you know.

Best Wishes,

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