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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Ten Incarnations of Lord Shiva & Godesses Shakthi

|| Ten Incarnations of Shiva and Shakti ||

The first incarnation of lord Shiva was as Mahakal and his Shakti was called Mahakali. Lord Shiva took his second incarnation as Tar and his Shakti was called Tara. The third incarnation of Lord Shiva was as Bhuvaneshwar and his Shakti was called Bhuvaneshwari. Lord Shiva took his fourth incarnation as Shodash who was also known as Srividdyesh and his Shakti was called Shodashi or Sri.

Lord Shiva took his fifth incarnation as Bhairav and his Shakti was called Bhairavi. The sixth incarnation of Lord Shiva is famous as Chhinamastak and his Shakti by the name of Chhinamasta. Lord Shiva took his seventh incarnation as Dhoomvan and his Shakti was known as Dhoomvati. The eighth incarnation was as Baglamukh and his Shakti as Baglamukhi. The nineth incarnation of lord Shiva became famous as Matang and his Shakti as Matangi. Lord Shiva took his tenth incarnation as Kamal and his Shakti as Kamala.

If these ten incarnations of Shiva are worshipped along with his ten Mahavidyas then a man attains salvation.


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